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If you are looking for the best sunset photography and wedding packages

on the Big Island, you have found it.


You are on your way to the most important day of your life

and we will be honored to be a part of it.


Here at Big Island Weddings we specialize in intimate sunset wedding ceremonies

at some of the most beautiful locations Hawaii has to offer.


We have a wide variety of services to offer most of which can

be found on our services page under A la Carte.


We also have many packages that offer discounts for bundling

specific services together. You can find these on the packages page.



Our highest pride is in our photography.

We are Blessed with the best sunset photographers in Hawaii !!!

Some might say in the world. Your wedding package includes some photography

YOU WILL WANT MORE... you will be have a meeting with your photographer and have

an opportunity to get more but you need to budget for them.

Our photography is not the cheapest but it is the best.

So if you know extra photos are on your agenda talk to your

planning specialist about the best options for your special need.


We are located on the Kona side of the Island of Hawaii

(also referred to as the BIg Island)


 Choose from our wedding packages

or create your own custom wedding.



Guess what? Getting married in Hawaii is very easy to do!

There is no waiting period, no blood tests, and no witnesses needed.

All that is required is a marriage license and a smile.


From sunset weddings on the beach to glamorous ceremonies on black lava rock

near the blue Pacific Ocean. Our multiple Kona wedding locations should make

choosing your dream ceremony venue a fairly easy task.

Not able to bring all your friends and family to your special day?

 We provide live wedding ceremony web casts !





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